Hands in Texas Hold ’em

Texas Hold ’em is one of the most popular variations of the poker card game. The expansion of this variant of poker is set in the nineteenth century. Before Texas Hold ’em poker took its place as one of the most famous variants, Five Card Draw was the most prominent poker version. Texas Hold ’em is the version born in Texas in Robstown and arrived in Dallas in 1925. 

We are a page that compares the best poker sites and gambling operators that offer Texas Hold’em for Australian players. Sign up on one of our recommended operators and start your adventure today. You can also receive a poker bonus from the many offers available to get a perfect start. 

How to find the best sites for Texas Hold ’em in Australia

If you are looking for the best Texas Hold ’em sites for Australian players, you are in the right place. Here you will find a list of the top-rated sites for Texas Hold ’em, geared towards Australian players. We are sure that our sites will give you the gaming experience and opportunities you are looking for. Because we continually monitor and update our list of poker sites that improve their products. In this way, we collect the most up-to-date information that benefits Australian players.


One of the most common bonuses enjoyed by Australian players is undoubtedly the welcome bonus. That is an incentive that online casinos give players to double the credit of their first deposit and thus obtain more credit to play. However, loyalty or VIP programs are the most lucrative deals for players. The incentive known as the High Roller bonus is available to poker players. The high roller bonus is awarded inconsistently; in most cases, it will depend on how vital the poker player is to the casino. However, you can also find free bonuses, no deposit bonuses, and bonus bets.


It is essential to decide which online casinos are reliable and safe to play. Since there are so many options to choose from, it may not be obvious. When discussing security, you should check that the online casino uses state-of-the-art data encryption technology (SSL) to provide trust and reliability. Protecting financial information will always be a priority.

Variety of poker games and Texas Hold ’em

Poker is one of the card games that has undergone many changes to find more fun and exciting ways to play it. That has resulted in a wide variety of game modes and types of poker, where rule variations can be seen. The game considered the most popular for a decade is Texas Hold ’em. However, you will find several types of poker in the casino rooms. Each of them is worth looking at, such as 5 Card Draw Poker, 5 Card Stud, 7 Card Stud, Omaha, Caribbean Poker, Strip Poker, and Video Poker.

Withdrawal times and payment methods

Make sure the poker site offers fast withdrawals. Since online gambling is illegal in Australia, bank transfers can be tricky. But there are several other options such as PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, and Cryptocurrencies. 

Texas Hold ’em – A minute to learn, a lifetime to master

The world’s most popular poker variant is, without a doubt, Texas Hold ’em. The phrase “a minute to learn, a lifetime to master” is as classic as it certainly is. Today, there are several different options for those who want to try the classic game. Play live against other players or test against a random generator if you prefer. We have on this page collected our favorite casinos that offer a good selection of Texas Hold ’em. Choose one of these pages and get started with your game today.

Texas Hold ’em Poker Rules

The most common form of poker is Texas Hold ’em. Then you play against other players and have a dealer who deals the cards. Each player receives two cards on the hand while cards are also placed on the table. Between each new card on the table, the different players place their bets where the Small Blind begins and then have the chance doubled by the Big Blind. 

Then all players can choose whether they want to bet on the bet that Big Blind placed or if they would instead fold. There is also the option to increase the stake. After all players have placed their bets, a new card will be laid and the process repeated until five cards are on the table in addition to the two cards each player has. With the cards on the table, the one who forms the best hand also wins, provided that the player has not folded.

What hands are there in Texas Hold’em?

The one with the best poker hand is the player who wins the round. The goal is to create a better hand than the opponents. In poker, there are ten standard hands at different levels. What some consider to be the charm of poker is that it is sometimes possible to win even on a lower hand. It’s all about having a better hand than your opponents. It does not give more in profit if you have a Royal Flush compared to a pair as long as the opponent can not beat your hand.

Below you can find the different hands in Texas Hold’em 

Royal Flush

Nothing beats a Royal Flush, which means you get the suit of 10, J, Q, K, and A.

Straight Flush

The next best hand is also a suit ladder but can contain all cards as long as they are in a row. However, having two players of color determines the hand with the highest card.

Four of a kind/Quads

If you get four cards of the same, you can get the third highest hand available in poker.

Full house

Here you have to get a pair and three equal on the same hand. The tallest house includes sixty aces and a couple of kings.


If you get all the cards of the same suit, you have a flush. If two players have the same Flush, the one with the highest card wins.


If you receive five cards in a row but not in the same suit, you have been dealt a straight. Ace acts as both the highest and lowest card in a straight.

Three of a kind

Here you must get three cards with the same value.

Two pairs

In pairs, you should have double pairs with the same card. The highest hand of the two pairs is the aces and the king.


If a player has two cards of the same type, they form a pair.

Highest card

If you are unlucky not to get one of your hands over, this is the highest card counted, but we recommend attending such an event.

Get started with Texas Hold ’em

Today, there are many different options to play. We generally recommend that you try to play with lower stakes initially. Once you have warmed up, you can invest more. Some casinos also invite you to tournaments and other exciting events to help you get the most out of your experience.

Receive a welcome bonus for poker

New customers can often receive a welcome bonus when they become members of a poker site. This bonus is often higher in poker than, for example, casino and betting. That is usually a deposit bonus where your first deposit is matched.

In addition to a deposit bonus, gaming companies usually lure with free chips. It is perfect for receiving this as a player. It also happens that you can get a place at tournaments. However, this is not common for new players but loyal customers that the poker sites want to reward.

Other types of poker

There are several other types of poker that you can try and explore. Make sure you read the rules before playing and start with low stakes until you feel comfortable with all the rules. 

Three Card Poker

You could say that Three Card Poker is like two games in one. In a way, the game is reminiscent of Blackjack because you are playing against a dealer sitting on the other side of the table. At the same time, the scheme is the same as in poker, where the goal is to get the best possible hand. There are a total of three different things to bet on; “Play,” “Ante,” and “Pair Plus.” The bet you bet – must always be equal to the table’s smallest bet – is called Ante. Then three cards are dealt with by you and the dealer.

When the bets are ready, the dealer shows his hand. There must be a hand with at least one queen to qualify in the game. If the dealer’s hand does not alter, the player will receive twice as much bet on the ante.

However, if the dealer’s hand qualifies, it is compared to the other players. If the player wins, they get even money on both the Ante and Play bets. If the dealer wins, the player loses both games. Should it not be likely that there will be a draw, the player wins.


Video poker is a game that combines slots with poker rules. The player encounters a random generator, and after the bet is determined. Now the player can change to create a better hand—Mark the discarded cards to get new cards. Since only one change is allowed, the cards appear after the first change. That is also the result. Depending on the hand given, the payout also varies. The highest payout is provided by Royal Flush, which in the popular variant Jacks or Better pays out 4000:1.

Payouts Video Poker

The amount of payout given for each hand varies slightly depending on the version of Videopoker. Jacks or Better, along with Deuces Wild, is the most popular category of Video Poker. How much the player bets also affects what profit he gets if he goes home. Jacks or Better has the following payout table:

Royal Flush – 4000: 1

Straight Flush – 200:1

Four of a kind – 100: 1

Full House – 45: 1

Flush – 30: 1

Three of a kind – 15: 1

Two pairs – 2: 1

Pair (jack or higher) – 1: 1

Omaha Hold ’em

Just like in classic poker, a deck of 52 cards is used. The dealer starts by dealing four cards to each player. There are only two cards per player in Texas Hold ’em, but twice as many in Omaha Hold’em. These four cards are yours, and you should not show them to any opponent.

Then five cards are placed on the table in three different rounds. These cards are open, and your goal is to create the best possible hand. You can only use two of your cards, and together with these two cards, you will form a poker hand with three of the cards on the table. The value of the hands is precisely the same as in regular poker, where the Royal Flush is the highest and the highest card is the lowest.

Omaha Hi/lo – a variant of the card game

A variant of classic Omaha Hold ’em is Omaha Hi/lo. The rules are the same as the original, with a big difference. Here it is the best hand that wins and the worst. Therefore, the games offer many Australian players a fun twist when they play Omaha Hi/Lo. The rules sometimes say that no card must be higher than eight. However, the rules may vary depending on which software provider created the game. If no player should have a qualified lowest hand, the best hand wins the entire pot.

Summarize Texas Holdém

Ultimate Texas Hold ’em is a popular game in live casinos and online. To define a strategy that increases your chances of winning, you have to sharpen your skills very well since it can have complex dyes compared to other online casino table games. However, this keeps things interesting for Australian players. A great attraction in Ultimate Texas Hold ’em is that you can earn extra for making the best poker hands. Texas Hold ’em is usually a player versus player casino game. It is a game of skill and chance, with a significant element of good play. To win, you must show the best hand, and you will make your opponent fold.

Hold'em FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I receive a bonus for Texas Hold’em?

    Yes, there are several casinos that accept Australian players that also offer a poker bonus that you can use at Texas Hold’em. Receive your bonus offer today and get started. There is a ton of options available for players in Australia.

  • Which is the best hand in Texas Hold’em?

    The best hand in Texas Hold’em is the Royal Flush. If you receive this hand it’s time to go all-in on your next move. 

  • Where can I play Texas Holdem online?

    There are several options for you who want to play Texas Holdem online. We have collected our favorites which offer great bonuses and several versions of the popular poker game. Choose an operator from our top list and get started in the best way today. 

  • Can I use my cellphone for Texas Hold’em?

    Yes, all providers on our home page offer perfect mobile conditions. That means that you can use your cellphone or tabloid and play wherever you are. A lot of Australian players appreciate using their smartphones since it gives a lot more freedom.